Free downloads from Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar

Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar is a powerhouse in the Midwest music scene. Electronica, jazz, hip-hop, and folk influences lay the groundwork for what the UC News Record has dubbed “an improvisational frenzy”. The band has been voted the Cincinnati Entertainment Award for “Best Electronic/Experimental” artist in both 2008 and 2009. Their debut album “Bofa Deez” was listed as one of CityBeat’s top albums of 2008. Their sophomore release “The People Vs. Lemoncello” received the same honor in 2009. Chick Pimp has enjoyed performance with Midwest fusion icons such as Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Papadosio, and The Macpodz. The band is currently in the studio touching up their home laptop recordings for their third studio album “Escape From Whosbekistan” with engineer Ben Cochran.

Plastic Man (featuring Wonky Tonk) by ChickPimpCokeDealerataBar

Manumaleuna by ChickPimpCokeDealerataBar

The Leprechaun by ChickPimpCokeDealerataBar