The B.E.A.T. set to release mash-up masterpiece “undercover EP”


Grasshopper Juice’s hottest band is set for a huge release in Cincinnati this weekend.  First, The B.E.A.T. will be performing Friday at Shake-It Records, a free, all-ages show, at 6pm.  Immediately following that, the show will move across the street to Northside Tavern for a line-up that includes Abiyah, Black Pharaoh, and fellow GJ recording artists Counterfeit Money Machine and Juan Cosby.

Download ‘undercover EP’ absolutely FREE!

Watch the video for “National Rigamortis” here at Grasshopper Juice’s official YouTube channel!

Check out this sweet write-up of the new digital release, courtesy of Mike Breen at CityBeat.